Purchasing and Supply Manager

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Опыт работы

    - Experience of work in the big and multinational companies.
    - Strong organizational and planning skills.
    - Leadership skills and people management experience.
    - Excellent problem solving skills.
    - Ability to work in a team.
    - Communication and negotiation skills.
    - Ukrainian / Russian / English

    - Reorganized the Purchasing and Supply Chain Departments.
    - Created the transparent system of documents flow.
    - Managed supplier relationships and built effective supply chain partnerships.
    - Reviewed and negotiated the contracts with Suppliers.
    - Monitored and controlled the contracts realization and implementation.
    - Prepared budget estimates and monitored departmental expenditures.
    - Cash flow forecasted and monitored.
    - Tenders performed and monitored. 09. на Jobs.ua. 1992 Engineer of electronics / Microelectronic and semiconductor devices
    St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University (LETI), Russia- Teamwork Course CA&P Group.
    - Intelligent Supply Chain Management.
    - Introduction to Program Management.
    - Initiating and Planning a Project.
    - Managing a Project.
    - Troubleshooting and Closing the Project.
    - Introduction to Six Sigma.
    - Customer Satisfaction Measurement Program.